Sunday, 15 January 2017

New Around The House

New year seems to bring along that unshakable itch to change around my home again. For the most part I'm pretty happy with my little semi; there's a couple larger projects I'd love to get stuck into (if not for a lack of funds), although I love switching and changing furniture and decor around to make a room feel fresh and new again.


Since getting the IKEA Norsborg sofa for Christmas, I've been wanting to change a few living room pieces. The sofa is a little bigger than our previous one, so getting into the kitchen ended up being a little bit of a squeeze. I also felt like there was a bit too much teak in the room, and wanted a lighter, smaller piece. This is actually a stool but I loved the geometric shape, it's pretty much exactly what I had in mind, except for the whole being a stool rather than a table thing. Plus, considering I found it in the CLEARANCE section of my local TK Maxx with no idea why, I couldn't really live it behind.

I also moved my vintage cocktail chairs into the living room - I'd listened to enough of Kane complaining about how uncomfortable they were and wishing for the others back in the conservatory (he heads there after work to relax for a bit). So they're in the living room now, and I'm okay with it! I'd like to add a bit of a relaxed, bohemian vibe to this room, and I think they're a good addition.

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