Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Bedside Beauty

My skincare routine is pretty much non-existant until the evenings pour in; my alarm clock every morning is the sound of Ada waking up, and man is that girl impatient! She gets upset pretty quickly if I don't rush in, and she likes a good ten minutes of cuddling before I can put her down, so washing my face in the morning is mostly a no-no. I'll make sure I go up when she's napping and pop on a couple toners, but it's just before bed that my skincare routine really amps up.

I use at least a couple items every night, and I've been applying Love Your Skin Collagen Moisturising Gel first. It's a really lightweight, cooling gel which offers some good overnight hydration. It sinks in really quickly too, so I'm not twiddling my thumbs in bed for too long! If I've had a particuarly bad breakout and need some scarring clearing up, pronto, I then apply REN Wake Wonderful. As soon as I apply I can feel all the acids getting to work and tingling away on my skin, and I definitely notice a big difference in the morning. (Currently 40% off at Feel Unique, if you needed any more of a reason to try!)

I'm a big oil fan, and I've been using the Pai Rosehip Oil a lot - despite the bottle looking hardly touched! I use a couple drops every night which covers my face, and it's a great way of helping my scarring fade and adding a lot of hydration to my routine too. If I feel like it, I'll also pop on a light layer of Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream, although this is probably what I reach for the most when I'm being lazy and don't bother with all the other steps!

What beauty products are on your bedside table?

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