Saturday, 7 January 2017

Around The Home / #1

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with fireplaces; sometimes I wish my living room was a rectangular shape with completely flat walls that everything could slot into nicely, and others I think a well styled fireplace can completely make a room. I'm currently going through the latter mood, and the constant re-arranger in me is itching to change the set-up I've got going on at the moment, but I look at it and feel strangely peaceful, so it's sticking around for now.

I think the long, hanging plant helps to break up the fireplace quite nicely and add a bit of texture. Of course, candlesticks are a must (although my candles need replacing!), adding in a couple smaller candles and little plants and we're good to go. I'm always toying with the idea of adding more artwork on there and adding more bits and bobs to fill the spaces. Perhaps I'll have a play around with it this weekend - why don't you join me?



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