Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Four Festive Favourites

Thanks to Ada's first birthday and the stress of all the organising, those festive feelings just haven't been hitting me this year. In fact, I'm watching The Grinch and just nodding along with him. Ada's birthday has now been and her party went really well, so I can relax a little, get all my presents wrapped and start looking forward to Christmas! There's a few things helping me..

1. The Christmas Tree.
Aaaah, my christmas tree, it is a thing of beauty. I know all my colourful vintage baubles and kitsch felt ornaments might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it genuinely makes me so happy to look at. I'm always in the biggest rush to get my tree up before December comes around, and I know I'll honestly feel sad when I have to take it down and put everything away for another year.

2. Biscuits and Ferrero Rocher.
I'm always a biscuit fan, but I feel like biscuits really come into their own around Christmas. I love those £4-£5 boxes filled with nice fancy biscuits, although I do have to remind myself that they're not digestives and I can't just have 3 with my elevenses coffee every morning. 

3. Beanies Coffee.
It's awful but coffee is probably my main beverage of the day, I drink WAY too much of it. I have a coffee machine at home, but I love all the festive coffee flavours that come with this time of year. The Beanies Xmas Coffee Mini Set flavours are INCREDIBLE; tucking into mulled wine without the daily hangover? Yes please!

4. Keeping cosy & candles.
I've basically received all my Christmas presents early this year; my main one was a new sofa from my Mum, and so I asked for a bunch of new throws and cushions off Kane to adorn it (I know, these may be strange presents for some!) They are all so cosy and comfortable, I basically don't want to leave my sofa at all now!

What are your festive favourites?

*I was kindly sent the Mini Beanies Stash to try out - all opinions my own!

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