Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Favourites From November

I know, I know, we're all saying it, but HOW is it December? In 14 days (of writing this!) I have a one year old, and just six days later it's Christmas Day again. I have to say I bloody love this time of year, and I'm a lot happier that this year I'm not spending my time miserably waddling around, trying anything I can to induce my ridiculously overdue labour. I can just relax, and use Ada as an excuse to watch every single Christmas film under the sun, and indulge in prosecco when she's in bed!

1. I'm a Celebrity
TV at this time of the year gets amazing, which is lucky for me considering I hardly ever leave the bloomin' house. I think I start looking forward to I'm a Celeb around August, and it's like a little countdown to Christmas. It's not been quite as entertaining this year, it was still so good, and I'm so happy Joel and Scarlett were the final two!

2. L'Occitane Angelica Range
I've been using this skincare for a while, but I had a little break from it and returned recently. I've immediately started using it all again because holy moly nothing makes my skin GLOW like it. It's a really hydrating range but it leaves my skin looking really clear, and so soft too!

3. Christmas Decorations
This week I put up the decorations and it made me so happy! I have a lot of vintage baubles from the 1950s and I honestly love them like they're my children - alright, perhaps not that much, but they're so delicate and pretty, I do feel a little responsibility to look after them! My tree is absolutely filled with them, and all the lights do wonders for my hygge levels.

4. Lillibets Bakery
Part of Christmas is all about indulgence for me, and during a little trip to Southport Mum and I popped into Lillibets where I took home a cake, or two.. I shared, honest! They were so so tasty, I just wish they were a little closer to me!

5. New boots
I've been after a pair of good chunky boots for ages - ideally they'd be Dr Martens, but I don't currently have the moolah for a pair, so after a good scour on ebay I found a really nice pair, and I love them!

6. My big ass blanket Zara scarf.
My bestie Kimmy bought me the BEST scarf for my birthday; it is huge, so fluffy and mustard coloured, so I do my best Lenny Kravitz impersonation and walk around snug as a bug in a rug.

What have you been enjoying this month?

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