Friday, 21 October 2016

10 Months Old

(playing peekaboo behind the plants)

This year is just flying by, and yet again you've come on leaps and bounds this month. You started nursery for a couple mornings a week so Mama can get some work done, and despite the initial few little tears, you've jumped straight into it. You're such a confident little lady and the nursery girls are so impressed with you. 

After months of poking around your mouth wondering why it was still so empty, your first little tooth popped through this month! And if your Auntie Lauren hadn't noticed it I don't think I would of, not immediately anyway; it's hard not to now thanks to all your boobie biting! You've always been such a good eater but I feel like the proudest Mama when you chomp down all your vegetables so enthusiastically, you even tried tofu this month and you're a fan! 

You're babbling away and talking up a whole load of nonsence, although I do feel like you're answering back to me sometimes with your "yeah"s and head shaking. With a little support you can walk across the room so quickly now, I know as soon as you get your balance sorted you'll be off! 

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