Thursday, 4 August 2016

(Yet Another) Update

It was only a couple months ago that I was writing my first 'update' post apologizing for being so absent, and sadly I'm back again having to repeat it all over again. I'm a working from home mum, with an extremely lazy partner (on the cleaning front!) so my time when Ada is napping is taken up doing bits around the house, and I spend pretty much all my evenings working and doing parcels, until I go to bed. So there's not a whole load of time to spend blogging, which does make me sad because I really do enjoy it. Hopefully there won't be another post like this in a couple months time, but I can't promise much.

Ada has developed a serious amount since I last spoke to you; she's now sitting up completely unassisted and doesn't topple over too much, unless she gets tired and just bundles herself backwards! She's crawling too, although I say crawling, I mean getting on all fours rocking back and forth, and pulling herself across the room on her belly. But she does it pretty speedily, I have to put cushions all over the floor otherwise she's in the kitchen before I know it! She was pretty much sleeping through, until the return of another pesky 'leap' has turned her into a little fussball who wakes every few hours, but we'll get there eventually. Just as I was beginning to feel like a normal human being again! 

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