Sunday, 14 August 2016

Outfit & Eats

I hold my hands up, I am one of those cruel Mamas that attaches things to their kiddos head despite their pleas because I think they look cute. THERE, I SAID IT. Little bonnets are my favourite accessory to dress Ada in, from just a few days old she was wearing hand-knitted mustard ones, although she put up much less of a fight those days. And no, she's not perfected her blogger pose, this is just her trying desperately to remove it from her head. 

The weather has been pretty much off over the place this week, so all this needed was a pair of tights to be the most confused outfit ever. A sun dress, paired with a hand-knitted cardigan (can we just talk about those panda buttons?!), with a vintage find, a little embroidered bonnet. Ada wore this on a little trip out to the park with her Grandma and cousin, so either accessory could be removed if the wind dropped and the sun came out.

I usually make her something for lunch like some vegetable soup (with not much broth) or she'll have avocado on toast, so making her something she could have on the go when she's still without any little teeth was a bit of a struggle! She ended up with some cous cous I made with a little tomato, basil and peppers, a couple chunks of avocado and a cheese triangle, and a banana in her bag just in case she rejected of all this for some reason! I also have a little diva of a baby who refuses normal water after tasting coconut water, so her normal vita coco went off in her bag too. It's a good job her little dress was only one english pound from a charity shop so I can afford to keep the fridge fully stocked with it!
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