Wednesday, 8 June 2016

New Around Here

Possibly because I just spend so much time here, my home is seriously important to me. Whereas Kane would be happy with a sofa, TV and his Xbox, I'm forever looking at ways to improve our space, buying new furniture, decorations and prints. In some of those many hours I spend with Ada in my arms whilst she naps, I scour Ebay, and it appears to be dangerous, dangerous business. I found a couple 1960s cocktail chairs I decided I needed for my conservatory, so my beautiful Ercol has found it's way into the living room with the £5 sheepskin rug I scored at a car boot a couple weekends ago. It's meant a bit of a change around a refresh and I love it, although with the pram and baby toys, it does get a bit cramped in here now.

I also finally picked up some new curtains for the living room, after living with the boring brown set the previous owners left in. I've been struggling to find a set I liked for ages, until in came Dunelm with the Natural Marrakesh Curtains. They're a lovely light shade, with a pretty pattern that's not too bold and in your face, and their also lined with a little pattern too so the outside world can enjoy them as well!

In this space we used to have a little bar cart, but thinking in mind to a few months time when Ada could be crawling or even walking around, a little trolley full of glass bottles of alcohol wasn't particularly ideal. I went on the hunt for a vintage sideboard, but needed something taller rather then wide. I did buy this with the intentions of drilling hairpins legs into the base, until we collected it and I realised just how big and heavy it was. I still really like it, I feel it fits the space nicely and have a ton of storage space for me to throw my rubbish in!

.. And said chairs! These must have lived in a twenty a day smokers house because they were BLACK when they arrived! I spent a good hour at about 11pm at night when they arrived going to town on them with a sponge and some fairy until they turned a nice dark cream shade, although they did manage to cover my floors in black in the process. They're small so work well in the conservatory, and they're actually surprisingly comfortable. I love how they're a set too, it's fairly difficult to find a matching pair of vintage chairs.

What do you think of my new home changes?

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  1. I adore your style, always love the little peeks on Snapchat! You've got a brilliant eye x

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels


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