Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Ada's Christening

Despite not being religious myself, I always knew I wanted Ada christened. I like the idea of her being a part of a community, and we chose the church my Mum got married in, with one of the loveliest vicars running the service. I hadn't set a date until the end of May which gave me only a few weeks to get everything sorted and organised, so it was a busy time but it all worked out lovely and was such a nice day. 

I'm always terrified trying to organize anything; I spend the few days before in a state of constant worry over whether anyone will turn up, will the two families get along (especially with it being their first time of meeting, despite me and Kane being together over five years!), would the food arrive on time and be tasty.. As it was, everything went off without the slightest glitch, and the day was spent tucking into some delicious food, sipping on one too many glasses of prosecco and enjoying some great company.

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