Friday, 11 March 2016

15 Thoughts Of Every New Parent In Winter

Strangely enough, my pre-baby anxieties weren't about the birth, the recovery time afterwards, breastfeeding.. y'know, the usual things. The biggest thing that was on my mind was actually having a baby in freezing cold December, and all the ridiculous worries that brings with it. I think I actually gave Ada a bit of a sweat rash one night when my Gro-egg thermometer displayed over 20 degrees and I put her in bed with a vest, sleepsuit and two blankets covering her.. oops! We live and learn, hey.

01 | Babies need how many layers more than us? Perhaps I'll pop on a couple more
02 | Aaah look, another cute hand-knitted cardigan! I definitely need to buy another.
03 | No, we can't turn the heating off! She'll freeze!
04 | (Two months later) Shit! How much is my gas bill?!
05 | How is this coat supposed to fit on top of all these layers?
06 | She can't even put her arms down.. At least she's warm though
07 | Oh christ, she hates her hat.. Please don't cry, please don't cry!
08 | Bugger, I forgot her blanket.. Worst parent ever.
09 | I have at least ten blankets at home, too
10 | Why do baby booties constantly fall off?
11 | How do I get her out of the car without getting her rained on?
12 | How warm is this shop/cafe/every single building ever?! Off go all the layers..
13 | Leaving now, lets stick them all back on.
14 | Perhaps we'll just go home.
15 | Hurry up, Spring!

Were you as neurotic as me during Winter with your babies?!


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