Sunday, 20 March 2016

Some Office Updates

My office has always doubled up as a stock room, and for that exact reason, keeping it tidy has always been a bit of an issue. I've got an IKEA shelving unit in there, a vintage shelving set, and three clothes rails, as well as a few storage boxes thrown in too, so you can imagine it ends up looking a bit of a jumble unless I make a conscious effort to really keep it tidy. Since Ada has been born I work in my office a lot more than I used to, as I find I can get my work done so much quicker than downstairs, so I've added a few more bits to my workspace to make it a really enjoyable space to work in.

The first thing that I was really desperate for was a new chair; I had been using the Made Wilton chair but that was donated to Ada's nursery, so I was back to using the cheap Ikea chair I bought ages ago. It's a perfectly good chair for ten minutes, but after that it causes serious bum and back pain, so I got the Made Lex Office Chair as a replacement. It's not only so much more comfortable but it looks so much better in there too. 

Ada's schedule is a bit all over the place at the moment; sometimes she'll head back off to sleep easily in the early hours of the morning, meaning at about 6.30 I can get up and start doing my work. Some days though, are a little harder and I end up working late into the evening when she's down in her cot snoozing away. So, I needed a lamp for my desk rather than working under the bright main light, and decided to have a little peruse on John Lewis. I loved the look of the Blair Marble Table Lamp but being the pennypincher I am, decided to have a look on Ebay and managed to find one for well under half the price, score! I also finally got Kane doing some DIY and he popped up some shelves for me which are a functional and pretty addition.

What do you think of my new buys?
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