Friday, 18 March 2016

How I Stay Organized

Stationery has always been one of my first true loves, but turns out it's actually a pretty big neccessity in keeping me organized. Rather than letting my pretty piles of notepads pile up, I have a few that I use on a daily basis and use in conjunction with each other so I can plan out my day and keep on top of what needs to be done.

This is the thing I use the very most. I try to make the most of all the different sections, which I planned the use of before the year started. I don't put birthdays or important dates in the main sections, they head straight into the little grid at the start of the month. Each day I write down what I've got planned for the day, any new stock that has arrived and what blog post I want to go live that day. I don't like to take two many notes in here, I keep it straight to the point, but all the different sections work well for me. 

After checking my main diary, this is what I use next to plan out my day. I like to list things in order of importance so I can work through what needs to be done clearly. As you can see, I didn't use it much last week as my little miss meant I didn't work that much from my desk, but usually it's absolutely full of notes of what needs to be done and ends up being a pretty messy!

This is another thing I don't mind getting messy. This is where I scribble down all my inspiration, and I'd like to really have a separate book for my business and the blog, but in reality it all gets lumped together. If there's any new stock I want to buy or keep my eye out for, or any new inspiration for blog post ideas, it all gets popped in here. When I'm a bit stuck for ideas of what to write about, this is where I head straight away.

How do you keep organized? Do you have a specific system?


  1. Great tips shared here, some I will take onboard! You can never be too organised :) Gemma x

    1. Love this, so fab! And great tips! X

  2. A daily planner, I feel, is essential when trying to stay organised!

  3. I love stationery! I'd be totally lost without my planner.
    Your weekly list is gorgeous <3

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours


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