Monday, 21 March 2016

Best Of The Teething Toys

I'm pretty sure Ada has started to show the signs of teething (constantly chewing on everything, dribble everywhere, slightly flushed cheeks), so I've been investigating some of the best teething toys out there. I personally went straight for the rubber toys as I have a vintage one it can be added to, but it surprised me just how much is on the market, and how many I actually already have without even realising it!

Wooden Turtle Teething Ring // Amazon, £12.40
Lets face it, if a teether manages to keep your kid entertained more than purely just chewing on it, we're onto a winner. This wooden teether from Organic Baby Teether comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes (if turtles aren't really your thing) with a little rattle inside. The wood is also layered with organic flax oil so help soothe the pain of teething.

Isabella Silicone Teething Necklace // Fox & Finn, £15.99
Ada loves to pull on just about anything, mostly my hair, so I know I'll definitely be buying a teething necklace. I absolutely love the colours on this one by Fox & Finn, and there's quite a few different versions available. It's made out of the best grade silicone, with a safety knot between each bead to avoid any possible choking hazards.

Sophie La Girafe Teething Ring // Mothercare, £9.99
Probably one of the most popular teething toys on the market at the moment. Sophie La Girafe is made out of completely natural materials, and comes in a few different designs, depending on which one you think your babe would get on with the most. I bought a little gift set for Ada which has the original giraffe in, with a ringed teether too, as her little hands still aren't up for grabbing anything too big just yet.

Babyplay Taggie Lion // Mamas & Papas, £8.75
Ada has quite a few toys like this from M&P's, except I never realised the rings were suitable for teething. Kane assured me they were, but they just seemed so hard to me. Apparently babies are more resilient than I thought! This makes a great multi-tasking toy with lots of different textures and patterns, and the ability to make sounds to keep baby entertained.

ZoLi Bunny Teether // Amazon, £7.99
This is a bit more of a simpler option, but it does what it says. The dual nubs are meant to make it easier to reach molars, so it would be a good option for when all of babies teeth start coming through.

Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether // Amazon, $6.07
Another great silicone option, this is a baby sized teether with lots of different points for baby to grab at and hold. I've read that the little prongs are a similar size to fingers, so if your baby is a hand eater, this might be the one for you!

Organic Cotton Knitted Rattle Teether // Miyim, £12.99
I didn't find too many available, but this is a plush teether made from organic cotton and natural plant minerals. It makes a cute toy/teether hybrid, although I'd imagine you may have to throw it in the wash a few times! Being a rattle and a little toy makes it perfect for buying even before your baby starts to teeth.

Dr Brown Watermelon 'Coolees' Teether // Amazon, £4.50
This cute watermelon shaped teether can be popped in the fridge and cooled, providing extra comfort for those sore gums. The shape means they can reach all parts of the jaw without gagging, and it's a good size for babies to hold and chomp on. It's pretty much a steal at just £4.50 too!

Have you tried any of these? What is your favourite teether?

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  1. I'm definitely going to need to buy one of those teething necklaces!


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