Friday, 26 February 2016

Why Rebrand?

You may have noticed a little rebrand over here recently. It's been on the cards for ages; I started writing 'Lady Liquor' back in 2011 when it was a way to promote my online business. It soon turned into a fashion and beauty blog, so the name ended up pretty irrelevant pretty quickly! Rebranding is a great way to give your blog a new lease of life if you don't want to start a whole new one, but there are some things to take into account.

Thinking of a name is perhaps one of the hardest things. I'm not the wittiest or most creative of people, so it took me a good while to brainstorm up a few different names before settling on 'Hey, Mama'. There are some really good blog names out there which don't really have any sort of relevance to the blog, which is fine if that's your thing, but I knew personally I wanted my name to represent the new direction my blog was heading in, which is of course discussing motherhood a lot more often after having Ada. I didn't really do any research into the name, I just took a leap of faith and registered a new domain online, changed a few layout aspects and by the next morning, Lady Liquor was no more.

You should really take into consideration social media when thinking of a new name; I completely missed this memo and when it came to changing some of my accounts, I had a bit of difficulty, with Instagram mostly. It's worth having a quick check through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to see if some usernames are already taken. You can usually get the names you'd like with a well placed '_' or '.' between some words, but if you wouldn't be happy with that, it's back to the drawing board.

There's a few other things to consider too, such as if you're going to be changing your url, you'll have to change Bloglovin' accounts, and it's all a bit of a faff. Rebranding isn't something to be really rushed into, and if you're just falling out of love with blogging, that's probably just it. I'm really pleased I rebranded, even though I've lost a few followers that's okay, I'm just heading into a new direction that I know some won't have any interest in. It's also probably a good idea to let your readers know in advance that a little change is going on, again, something I didn't do! Eeeek. 

I know personally, I've found it as a really big motivation to write more. I don't have the money, let alone the time, now to be testing out a ton of beauty products, so rebranding to show I'll be writing more about motherhood with a bit of business and interiors thrown in really made sense for me. 

Would you ever consider rebranding?
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