Tuesday, 9 February 2016

A Lush Haul

I often wonder if my Lush addiction will ever die down; it's been going quite a good few years now and shows no signs of stopping, whenever I pass a store I pretty much have to go in and treat myself to a few new bits. It's mostly bubble bars and bath bombs that I head for, but Lush also have some seriously good skincare, hair and shower ranges too.

I used to be aaaaaall about the fresh face masks, but when I found myself having to waste a little as they don't tend to last very long at all, I stopped buying them for a while. I've bought myself a couple ones I haven't tried before recently and I either slap a whole load on in one go, or make sure I use it a couple times a week. The latest buy is Oatifix (£6.95) which I bought to try and help out my current dry, flaky skin issues. It smells so delicious, I could honestly eat it. I also picked up Dirty (£5.75) shaving cream for Kane, the boy who cares so little about caring for his skin that he's recently been using shower gel to shave with. It has some great hydrating ingredients in there, so it's like secretly making him use skincare at the same time, sssshhhh.

I ran out of The Comforter Shower Cream recently and usually I head straight for what I know in the Lush shower deparment, but I thought I'd mix it up a bit (oh, the excitement of life). I noticed Prince Charming was back in from their Valentines range but then I spotted Yummy Mummy (£9.75) which I thought was obviously so appropriate for me (I kid, I kid). It a bit more of a subtler scent than the sweetness overload that I usually go for, but it's really lovely. I used it yesterday and my skin felt so soft afterwards, which is perfect considering I can never find the time to moisturise properly anymore!

And of course, I couldn't leave without a couple bubble bars. It's a given that The Comforter (£4.95) always heads straight into my basket, it's definitely my most used Lush product. I also got the Sunnyside (£4.95) bubble bar which has a really nice zesty citrus scent, and of course I love the glitter, even though it literally gets everywhere. 

Have you done any Lush shopping recently?
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