Saturday, 20 February 2016


a portrait of Ada once a week, every week for a year

As I'm writing this up Ada is a whole two months old. Two months! The time has flown by so quickly, but at the same time I feel like she's been here forever. My Mum asked the other day what I did with my days before she arrived, and I honestly don't even know, it couldn't have been a lot! My days are a bit of a blur of getting up at 7am after her first feed to work, playing with her in the morning before she naps in the afternoon, cleaning, blogging, feeding. It seems like before I know it it's 10.30, time for bed before the whole day repeats itself in the morning.

I'm not one of those Mothers who brags about her childs development, but this little lady impresses me everyday. She did her first, definitely not wind smile with a big giggle at just three weeks, and she can hold her head up pretty steadily for a few seconds now. Her grasp is getting pretty decent, to the point that I'm sometimes a little screwed if I decide I need a drink mid-feed, as she's usually clasping onto my hand and won't let go! She's a little porker now, weighing 11.7 at her last weigh in over a week ago, and most of her 0-3 sleepsuits she was too tall for a couple weeks ago! I'm convinced she's going to be taller than me by the time she hits double figures! Her playmat is just her absolute favourite, she's moved on from fishy to the plastic spinning balls, although her arms aren't quite long enough yet to hit them each time she attempts. She coos and babbles away, her first words are a while away yet but she sounds as though she'll have the cutest little voice!
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