Sunday, 24 January 2016

A H&M Home Haul

H&M Home is one of those stores I've never been able to resist. I place an order a few times a year to help update certain areas of the house, and having received a discount through the post, Monday was one of those days. I made doe-eyes at Kane (I had spent all day previously cleaning the house whilst he kipped on the sofa), his debit card exchanged hands, and within fifteen minutes an order was placed. I wanted to have a little bit of change in the conservatory and on the mantelpiece, so I really ordered bits for there. 

I think we should start by discussing these candlesticks; I'm still not over copper, although they are strangely looking more goldy in these photographs. I've got the Metal Candlestick (£7.99) and Small Metal Candlestick (£6.99) which aren't exactly the cheapest of things, but I s'pose it doesn't matter much when it's someone elses money! They look really effective on the mantlepiece too, very minimalist and simplistic.

For the conservatory, I've been after a rug in there for some time but never really found anything I thought would fit. I wanted something quite light and thin, and really just something to cover up the ugly light floorboards that really need replacing. I chose the Patterned Cotton Rug (£19.99) which was such a reasonable price, and is really brightening up the area well. I'm on a mission to add even more plants to my home as well, so I loved the idea of using the Small Cotton Storage Basket (£7.99) as a planter, although it now has a lovely big trailing ivy in, rather than Kane's little bonsai tree.

And of course, it's not a H&M Home order without throwing in some candles I don't really need, this time with these cute 2-Pack Candles (£2.99). I really like adding pops of pink in the midst of all the monochrome and copper. What do you think of my buys?
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