Friday, 16 October 2015

A Little Update

Somehow, it was a whole six months ago (!!!) now that I wrote a little post about taking time out, and boy have I stayed true to my word on that! If you follow me on any of my social media, you'll know it's no secret that I'm expecting a baby due this December with my partner, and that post was actually written in the first weeks of what were to be months of absolutely horrendous morning all day sickness.

To say pregnancy hasn't been the easiest is a bit of an understatement; I don't like moaning too much because I fell pregnant incredibly easily, and I know a lot of women out there have issues with that or can't have children altogether, so I should count my lucky stars. But when you're throwing up for the tenth time that day after just a sip of water, it's a little hard to try and be at all positive. I'd say probably the twenty weeks I spent most of my days with my head in the toilet bowl, and at 32 weeks now I'm still probably sick one or two times a week. Those darn hormones! I ended up taking tablets for it but that just made it worse, so I've just struggled on really. Luckily working from home means I could work around it and go to lie down when I needed to. I suppose one of the upsides to it is that I lost 12 pounds early on, meaning I'm only 6 pounds heavier than my starting weight with just seven weeks to go!

So, I probably haven't left myself a great deal of time to get back into blogging properly before baby comes along and wipes me out even more so than I currently feel, but I thought I'd at least do a little update post. My back hurts, heartburn is awful and I can't sleep properly, but I'm happy and so excited for this little babe to arrive at the beginning of December. I'm hoping to manage at least a couple posts a week, so please stay tuned, and thank you for sticking around!
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