Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Happy List.

01. Receiving fresh flowers. I got another beautiful bouquet from Bloom & Wild this week, and if possible I'm even more in love with this one than the last. It's full of lillies, roses, mini chrysanthemum's, waxflowers and foliage. The colours are really brightening up my home, and I know when the lillies bloom they will be absolutely beautiful. I'm giving away a bouquet here, or you can order one for your Mum with £10 off with the code 'MDAY10'. 

02. The sun is coming out more, the days are getting longer, and I might even be able to leave the house without a coat on soon!

03. I've got a couple new books recently that I'm really enjoying. "It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be" was a half an hour read (it has a seriously big font), but the message inside will stick with you for longer. It works in the same way #Girlboss does for me, giving me a good kick up the bum and is some serious business and blog motivation. I've not started reading "Style Me Vintage: Home" yet, but it's always amazing to see someone who just started selling vintage online go so far. 

04. My ivy's seem to be growing, just a tiny bit!

05. Kane has really gotten into making pancakes recently, and he's a bit of a crepe expert. Of course I'm helping him wolf down all the portions he's rustling up, adding fruit makes them healthy, right?

06. I've been after a welsh tapestry purse for quite some time, and I finally found my perfect one at this weekend's vintage fair! It was only £4 too. 

07. I was lucky enough to find out last week that I had won the Made Unboxed competition, where (I think) they select a monthly winner from who has uploaded pictures. Anyway, I won a £100 voucher which was just amazing, and I quickly went online and spent it! I decided on their Wilton chair which I thought would be perfect for my office, perhaps I'll be able to spend more time in there working with a nicer chair to park my bottom on!

08. Managing to get in the garden. Mum treated me to a few outdoor pots of daffodils, primroses and hyacinths, and it's really making me look forward to a month or so's time when I can really get in the garden centres and start making lots of pots for my garden.

What's been making you happy recently?

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