Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Staying True To You // A Blog Rethink.

I don't think I can be alone in seeing so many blogs having a bit of a rebrand and going in a new direction. Most of the bloggers I interact with are in their early or mid twenties, so it's only natural for our spaces online to grow with us as we age and develop as a person. For myself, this has always been predominately a beauty blog, but coming up to my mid-twenties and having my interests change, I thought I'd address changing a blog around that.

Personally I find it a little disconcerting how many blogs seem to have done a complete 360 and now post about completely different topics, something that they've never really shown an interest in before. Of course, it's completely up to you what you wish to blog about, it's something only you has complete control over, but don't do it because it's what you think people want to read. Especially in terms of the amount of 'advice' posts we're seeing around, the vast majority of which seem to just be recycled content, it makes me a little sad to think people are heading in this direction because it's what's 'popular' right now. To me blogging will and always has been a hobby, and I'd only really post about what I'm interested in. Regardless of followers, or how many 'saves' you're going to get on Bloglovin', you should only ever blog for you. 

So for me, this doesn't mean ditching the beauty, just introducing other topics. In case you hadn't noticed, interiors is pretty much where my heart lies at the moment, so I'd really love to post about more DIY ideas, new home buys and inspiration. That might not suit everyone who followed me to read about the latest skincare release, but sadly that's just not where I'm at right now. Hopefully I'll be able to post mostly about interiors and DIY's, with the odd bit of beauty and fashion thrown in.

What are your thoughts in staying true to yourself in the blog world?

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