Friday, 27 March 2015

DIY Marble Clay Ring Dishes.

I used to be quite the keen crafter, but it has been probably a few years now since I sat down and actually created anything. A Beautiful Mess has been one of my favourite blogs since I've been about 18, and the interiors and DIY posts are always so inspiring. When I read their marble clay ring dish post I thought that would be the perfect idea to ease me back into crafting, and although I hit some speed bumps on the way, I'm quite happy with how they turned out!

Y  O  U    W  I  L  L    N  E  E  D :
- White and coloured oven clay. I only used three colours but I wish I'd used more to help create the marble effect, I bought mine from this ebay seller. 
- A large jar or rolling pin.
- Gold or metallic paint and a small paintbrush.
- A knife (preferably specifically for clay - otherwise you'll end up with edges like mine!)
- A small, ovensafe bowl.

1. Pick your clay.
2. Split into smaller pieces - For the second bowl which has a better marble effect I split them up into smaller than pictured which seemed to be work better.
3. Roll into little lines around 5" long - Use your hands for this, a little heat helps to work them into shape quicker.
4. Twist all the lines into one snake (how much does mine look like a flump here!)
5. Roll the snake into a line around double the original length, then twist again.
6. Smush (that is the technical term) into a ball, and you should be able to see the marble effect taking place.
7. Roll out into a circle, and when big enough cut around a jar or small bowl with your knife.
8. Pop it into a small, ovensafe bowl so the edges can turn up a little - I baked mine for about 20 minutes on 250.
9. Leave to cool, remove from the bowl and then paint around the edges with your metallic paint.

Then we're done! As you can see, mine aren't as good as the original, and I'd use different colours in future too. The peach one went a little more orange which didn't look great with the pink shade. I also used the offcuts of the first with the second, which I think helped to create a real marble effect. I think using more colours of clay would create a more dramatic effect too. Also, you do kinda need a clay knife, the edges of mine ended up quite rough as you can see, but I think it adds to the handmade look - it depends what you prefer! Overall I do really like them, and they're a really quick and easy project to whip up when you have a spare hour.

Would you make your own marble clay ring dishes?



  1. Oh this looks so easy! Thinking about making one for my nightstand when I forget to take off my jewelry and I'm too lazy to go to the closet.

  2. Ooooh....these are pretty! I especially love the painted edge :)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. These look so cool though and I think you did a fine job. I think I would love to try these now.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  4. What a very cool project! The end result is super pretty! xo

  5. I have some rose gold and mint clay - I will have to try and make one of these, although mine will probably turn into a mess!

  6. Talisa Lauren Tossell17:10

    These are so cute will deffo have to try!

    to get a BIG Booty and Abs FAST!

  7. These look amazing! I have seen so many on pinterest and so tempted to try it out! I've saved your post to refer back later, I want to use pastel colours instead and see how it turns out!

  8. Yours look amazing! Looks like a really fun diy, I had no idea oven clay even existed! x

  9. Ohh this is amazing, but I could never do it!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  10. Oh wow!! Very creative. These look so great!

  11. Catherine I actually really like that your results have a rough and rustic edge to them, I think they look great! :)
    Amy x

  12. That is such a good idea!! These look amazing

    Charlotte - styleaked

  13. Corinne C19:55

    I never would have thought this would have worked! I love the effect of them!

    Corinne x

  14. Love them! I also used to craft all kinds of stuff, but with the years that habit got lost. Might be time to get back to it!

  15. Oh these are stunning! Ive been looking for a ring dish to put on my bedside table for ages and I think I'm gonna have a go at making these! Thanks for sharing!

    Yas x">The Not So Secret Lives Of Pizza Lovers


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