Saturday, 21 March 2015

A Bar Cart Wishlist.

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Despite not really being much of a drinker, I've bought a bar cart. It's actually a vintage trolley that I'm going to paint and upcycle a bit, and it'll probably end up being more of a storage for some plants and flowers than bottles of booze, but still. After a bit of a Pinterest session pinning to my bar cart board I decided to get myself one after selling my previous one from the old house.

I want a couple trays to store glasses and bottles on, and of course where else could these be from, H&M Home. I feel yet another big order coming on from them, the concrete candle is from them too and they have some gorgeous new releases online. I don't really need any more glasses but the gold shot set are just gorgeous. Although before splashing out I'm considering buying some clear ones myself and doing a bit of a gold glitter fade DIY!

I'll be sticking with a wood, white, gold and copper theme (is there anywhere left in my house that isn't like this!) so some gold paper straws are essential; these ones are part of a long list of beautiful items from Paper Mash. And of course, a gorgeous candle is a must, and being also the name of a cocktail and having a beautiful scent, Diptyque's Mimosa is high-up on my wantsie list.

Are you a fan of the bar cart?



  1. I really do need a H&M delivery too, so many good bits x

  2. I don't know if I'd ever get a bar cart (never thought about it, to be honest!), but I do love the things you picked out! I've been eyeing that concrete candle from H&M Home too, it looks really cool.

  3. Not much of a drinker either but love the idea of a bar cart! Anyway, I'm sure my hubby would much appreciate it ;)

  4. So many beautiful things! I love the gold glasses!

    Cass | CassandraMyee


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