Friday, 20 February 2015

Office Updates.

Being in Pinterest a lot, I have a pretty good idea of what my ideal office space looks like; it has a desk you can come sit at which isn't against a wall, with a sofa and other seating on the other side. It's filled with flowers, prints, stationery, and most of all, it's a a nice open space. Sadly, working from home with my online vintage shop, my office has to double up as a stock room, so whilst I'd love it to be more open, I currently have three large rails of clothing, two shelving units and a desk in there, leaving just enough room for a rug on the floor.

I've tried to make the space as appealing as possibly to work in, whilst also being practical for storage. The IKEA Kallax (previously Expedit) shelves seems like a perfect compromise so I can use the shelves and the Drona boxes so I can keep everything kept out of sight and tidy. It's got a good enough space so I can pop on my favourite Hay storage box and new pen pot from Lilac Coast (see the love of blush pink coming through again?!)

I also got one of the IKEA Vaggis Noticeboard which was quickly DIY'ed with a marble adhesive paper when arriving. I didn't manage to do the perfect job, but luckily the pictures attached manage to cover up any little creases! Popping on a plant and some flowers makes it a little more like the space I long for.

What do you think of my new buys?

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