Sunday, 15 February 2015

New Desk Details.

This is going to be a bit of a short and sweet post, but I couldn't resist sharing my latest stationery purchases. Now I know, I know, stationery is the last thing I need any more of but I some how convinced myself that I needed these items, and I kinda did.. Kinda.

First up I thought I'd get myself one of the Rifle Paper Co. Weekly Desk Pad; I used to have one from Paperchase but this is a much prettier one, and it's a great way to keep organized by having each day's activities planned out. I plan each day at the start of the week but it's easy to add anything in each day if something new crops up. I added another fancy Livework pen, they seem to be the only ones I manage not to lose, probably 'cause they're so expensive!

Since I started buying tiny bags that I can only fit the minimal amount in, I can't fit any notebooks in (see my logic?!) so I just had to buy a couple mini ones, again from Rifle Paper Co. so I can jot down anything I need to remember or blog post ideas I come up with whilst I'm out.

Have you made any recent stationery purchases?

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