Wednesday, 18 February 2015

CREATE // A Valentines Table.

Whilst I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day, I do appreciate that it's a nice excuse to spend some quality time with a partner, sit down for a meal and spread the love around a little bit. Kane and I stayed in this year and ordered pizza (the best kind of Valentines day, if you ask me) so I didn't don a pretty dress or nice make-up, but I did make a bit of an effort to spruce up our dining table for the meal.

Of course, flowers are a must around Valentines day, so despite already having quite a few bunches dotted around the house, a couple from Kane himself, I decided to try out one of the Bloom & Wild bouquets, which arrived posted through my letter box! They come really well wrapped and made an absolutely beautiful set; I decided to split them up into a few different vases, no-one needs to have to peer over a huge bunch of flowers at dinner. I also bought a new vase from Henry's Future which I think is so simple and gorgeous, but it really makes the bright flowers stand out.

Candles are perfect for creating a nice, relaxed environment, plus everyone just seems to look better over candlelight, meaning I can get away with the lack of make-up! I added to my copper addition with this gorgeous lantern candle holder from Made With Love Designs, with a couple tealights it created such a lovely ambience. And, because it's not really Valentines without at least a couple heart themed items, I made sure my paper straws were well stocked up, even though it did seem a little odd drinking wine through a straw! Anything in the name of love, eh.

How would you create a loved-up dining table?

* I was kindly provided with a voucher from Furniture Choice for Not On The High Street to create this post.
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