Monday, 16 February 2015

CREATE // A Gallery Wall.

One of the things I really disliked about the new house we bought were the frames on the walls. They looked old fashioned, and I just didn't really see the point in having them there, until I realised that if I wanted to remove them it'd probably involve a lot of time, effort, plaster and paint. So they stayed. I filled the smaller one with a couple secondhand wall planters I found, and decided I wanted to create a gallery wall with prints and frames. Usually when I buy prints I just go straight in, attacking the wall with nails, which usually makes a bit of a mess, so this time I decided to plan it out a bit more, and here are my tips for creating an easy, stress free gallery wall!

Decide on the prints: This is the fun part, buying! I decided I wanted some from Society6, and added in a Lloyd Loves one; I knew I wanted mine to be relatively simple, all in a similar style of frame, but you can get really creative here. I see people attach things to the wall with washi tape, use banners, but it's really down to your personal style. Also, I thought I'd mention that you may be charges customs when ordering from Society6, as it is based in the US. Mine arrived about two weeks ago now and so far I haven't heard anything about any charges, but I know people who have been charged around £15-20 in customs when ordering a few prints.

Buy frames to match: Being american sizes, the Society 6 prints were a little harder to find for. I managed to find a couple in charity shops that fitted well, but you can probably see a little border in the largest print background. This was another charity shop find but I think it works quite well with the colours of the print. I found all mine for pennies secondhand, but great options for frames are IKEA, Asda or Ebay

Plan it out: I played around with composition before I decided on the first one I did, which is what usually happens with me. Just using the floor and rearranging each print to see what works out best will save any upset rather than heading straight to the wall with a hammer and nails.

Measure: This was a really important part for me as I was trying to get them in the centre of a wall frame, but if you have an open space it isn't crucial. Even with measuring all the frames and spaces I still managed to get them about an inch too far on the left, but it isn't hugely noticeable unless you stand studying it!

Masking tape is your friend: An easy way to make sure you absolutely get the frames in the right place is using masking tape. Create boxes in the same measurements as the frames so you can see the design on the wall before hammering any nails, and also so you get the composition completely right with good spaces inbetween each frame.

It is easy enough really, but with a little time and planning it'll turn out perfect and mistake free! What do you think of my wall?

1. Beckoning Seas / Caleb Troy, Society6.
2. Thunder Only Happens When It's Raining / Fleetwood Mac, Lloyd Loves.
3. Watermelon Sunset / Caleb Troy, Society6.
4. Pineapple / Basilique, Society6.

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