Tuesday, 17 February 2015

COLOURLOVE // Blush Pink.

There's something about blush pink that has got me swooning hard at the moment. I gave my bedroom a mini makeover at the weekend (pictures to follow shortly!) and decided on a white, gold, pink and copper theme, so I'm looking for a couple pink options to add, other than the books and candles I already have. Ideally I'm just looking for some pillowcases and cushions, but I couldn't resist putting together a little board of all things beautiful in blush pink. I mean, that chair!

1. Blush! Candle Jar / Lily Flame, John Lewis.
2. Ira Floor Lamp / Made.
3. Ampersand Watercolour Print / Jessica Gully Design, NOTHS.
4. Sugar Paper Gold Dot Notebook / Rachel George.
5. Swivel Curved Chair / Softline, ABC Carpet & Home.
6. Pink Love Salts / Fig & Yarrow.

Are you a blush pink lover?

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