Tuesday, 24 February 2015

A New Night-time Essential.

When I first heard of the new Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask* from The Body Shop, mild confusion set in; bouncy is something I long for my hair to be, but not so much my face. That said, I'm a sucker for anything to add into my evening skincare routine, especially if said items claim to hydrate, smooth, and replenish the skin.

Starting off, it wasn't plain sailing; the texture, putting it frankly, is the weirdest thing I've ever felt in my life. It's like a thick jelly, and is pretty much impossible to get out of the tub; it does come with a mini spatula, but me being me lost that pretty rapidly. Once you get a hang of picking up a tiny bit, it's not too bad, and you only need a small amount to spread all over the face. And once it does spread, it feels really nice and light on the skin, so sinks in quickly - I hate being nervous of products ending up more on my pillow than my face!

Inside, there's a variety of wonderful ingredients all to work some magic on the skin overnight. The main one TBS are talking about is Edelweiss stem cells which have strong antioxidant properties, as well as doing a pretty good job at protecting the skin, thanks to having grown in harsh conditions itself. It also has some oils in there to help hydrate, and caffeine to energize and awaken the skin. It does have some fragrance and silicones in there too, so if you know they aggravate your skin you may have to be wary, but I have acne prone skin and have no troubles with it at all.

At £22 a pot, it's not the cheapest thing from The Body Shop, but it is a 90ml tub which is pretty huge; I've been using it for weeks and have barely dented it at all! It really does what it says on the tin (or box, rather); I wake up with smooth, soft, hydrated, and glowing skin!

What are your favourite skincare products from The Body Shop?

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