Wednesday, 4 February 2015

10 Things I've Learnt About Skincare.

Over the years, my skincare choices has vastly improved. I mean, so much so that when I started blogging 4 years ago now, most nights I probably didn't take off my make-up. I washed my skin with whatever cheap cleanser was in my bathroom, probably used a toner once a week and moisturiser, serums or oils were non-existant. I thought considering I had oily skin, adding things like that would just clog my pores and make it worse somehow. But how wrong I was, and here's some of the things I've learnt about skincare over the years.

01. Learn what works for you, and stick to it: This can be hard in the blogging world, we are a fickle bunch and easily get sucked in by new releases and raving reviews. But no matter what works for someone else, it may not always work for you, so whilst you may need to experiment, when you figure out what does work well for you, try to stick to it.

02. Slowly introduce new products: This one sorta fits in well with the first one, no-one really sticks to the same few products in a routine for their entire lifetime. If I do start using new products I introduce them one by one, that way if I do have a reaction or breakout, I'll know which product is causing it.

03. Water is not the saviour: Of course, making sure you get enough water each day is important for overall health, but depending on your skintype, you may need more. I have hormonal, oily skin, so I need water and a good diet to help flush out all the toxins, but if you have dry skin water won't do alone. When we drink water it's first passed through intestines and then into the bloodstream, so there's not enough going to the skin. If you do have dry skin you should also look at using good moisturisers, oils, and eating fatty acids and high water foods.

04. Keep things clean: I've noticed so much that if I've ignored forgotten about the dirty make-up brushes cluttering up my dressing table, it contributes a lot to break-outs. Bacteria, dirt and bits of old make-up all get caught in the bristles, so if you do suffer from blemishes, make sure you clean your brushes.

05. Don't be afraid of oils: This is a heavily debated argument, but personally oils work wonders on me. I would never have thought adding oil to already oily skin would ever be a good idea, but considering dehydrated skin produces more oil causing more breakouts and blemishes, it's a good idea to add an oil to your routine and look out for results. They don't work for everyone, but I end up with clearer skin, reduced redness, reduced scarring, and brighter skin!

06. Watch what you eat: Whilst it's commonly known it's a bit of a myth that a bar of chocolate can give you spots, as a whole a healthy diet can improve so many ailments your skin may have. In fact a good diet improves my energy, hair, and health as well as skin!

07. Don't smoke and expect good skin: Yep, a whole two and a half years ago now I was a smoker, and I smoked for about 7 years. I think it's an awful habit now, not only is it horrendous for you (goes without saying) but you're taking in toxins, constricting blood flow, and contributing to wrinkles. It won't take long for you to notice a difference in your skin if you quit.

08. Apply moisturiser upwards, and don't forget your neck: Taking of sagging skin, too much dragging your skin down when applying creams and moisturisers won't help in the long run. And unless you want to end up with a turkey neck, make sure you apply a bit south of your face too!

09. Stay away from blemishes: I know, I know, it's just so tempting to pick and squeeze at spots, but unless you want to splash out on some expensive AHA's to get rid of the scarring afterwards, it's best to leave them to heal on their own.

10. Get some zzzz's: Everyone's skin repairs itself overnight, hence why I like to pile on the oils and night creams to give it a little extra help. Make sure you get at least 6-7 hours a night, it's called beauty sleep for a reason!

What have you learnt about skincare over the years? Do you agree with my points?

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