Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Creating An Ideal Workspace.

Whilst I don't spend all hours of the day, every day, at my desk, I do appreciate that creating a workspace ideal for the work I do is pretty essential. And when I'm working at my desk, I do manage to get everything done a lot quicker, and I get to relax earlier on in the evening. I've been through several desk set-ups in my time, and I think I've finally found the right one for me, so here's what I've learnt so far.

Be Practical:
This is probably the big one, for me. If you're a painter or more creative in your day to day job, a bit of a mess can be inspiring, so perfect for you. Myself however, I spend my days photographing, listing new stock, blogging, and then packaging orders, so I need a clear empty space. Of course I have the odd print or two as well as a lamp, plant, and my glasses, but the majority of the space is clear for me to get to work. If clutter works for you, fantastic, but you need to find your ideal space without being too inspired by others; just because it looks pretty, things in the way may halt your working.

Buy What You Need:
As just mentioned, I'm not a big fan of clutter, but I am a fan of making practical items pretty. If you've got a noticeboard, why not add a few Pinterest pictures, or add family photos. You've still got space for the important stuff you need, but it makes the area a little more relaxed and happy. Shelves can also make a cute extra to store your business bits and bobs, but you can also add little decorations if there's space. 

Have Everything On Hand:
I've learnt the hard way with this; I used to do all my packaging downstairs, and every evening I'd be running around getting stressed being unable to find my scissors, or any sellotape. Now doing it in my office, I keep all my supplies in one area so I can head straight back there when I need them. It's a fairly obvious point, but it'll save you so much time and possibly tears!

Keep It Clean:
Again, it's an obvious one, but definitely something I've had to improve on. Despite how long of a day you've had, spending just a couple of minutes making sure it's tidy for tomorrow makes such a difference for me. Always having a space I can go to where I'm ready to just straight to work means I work so much quicker and feel relaxed in a clean environment whilst I'm at it.

What is your idea of the perfect workspace?

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