Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A Tomato Red Trio.

There's something about those tomato-red shades that just get me weak at the knees. They're the first shade I head for on the lipstick, polish and blush stands, but after I tell myself I own far too many already, they end up back on the shelf. I have a fairly impressive collection, but there's three favourites I've been reaching for a lot recently.

Starting up with possibly my most worn, the Bourjois Velvet Lipstick in Peach Club. I've spoken of my love for these several times on here, but they're just winners in my book. It's such a creamy formula which takes a minute or two to dry, and when it does you're left with guaranteed full coverage all day that just doesn't budge without being drying in the slightest. When I bought Peach Club I was expecting by the name a more peachy, coral shade, but I'm so happy with this one. I'm even on to my second tube now, which is an achievement for me!

When I'm not wearing a red lip, I always reach for NARS Liberte blush. It does look a little scary in the pan, but with a slight hand and good blusher brush, this gives me a really natural flushed look, as if I've just spent a little too long out in the cold. It's really pigmented and of course a fantastic formulation from NARS; as it is quite dark it would be great for quite a lot of skintones, too. The polish that's been on my nails pretty much constantly recently has been Essie's Chubby Cheeks, which I think is pretty aptly named for me too. Essie formula's are sometimes so hit and miss but this seems to be a good one, I can go a good few days without any chipping, and it's a lovely bright tomato shade.

Are you a fan of the tomato red beauty offerings?

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