Thursday, 4 December 2014

A New Skincare Set Up.

To say I've had a mixed relationship with La Roche Posay is a bit of an understatement. When I first head of the Effaclar Duo a couple of years or so ago now, I convinced myself it was the answer to all of my skincare prayers and when it broke me out, it was the disappointment of the year. That said, I've tried a few others from different ranges which I absolutely loved, mostly the Biomedic Pigment Control and Effaclar Lotion which sorted out my scarring like nobodies business. So when the opportunity came across the test out a new Effaclar Three Step Anti Blemish Set*, I couldn't say no.

I was a little wary of trying the Effaclar Duo again but I did know it had been slightly reformulated since the last version I used, and I'm pleased to announce, no breakouts! Of course, I still get the odd one or two hormonal spot, but overall my skin is still looking clearer and scarring has been reduced a lot. I actually absolutely love using this product, it's a nice gel texture and even applying just feels lovely on the skin. I found the Clarifying Toner quite similar to the Effaclar Lotion I'd used previously, although it does feel a little less harsh, which I think my skin appreciates. It means it took a little longer to see results, but my skin seemed to be quite thankful for it.

The cleanser was a lovely one too, and one I was especially looking forward to trying as I hadn't used a LRP cleanser before. It does foam slightly but isn't too harsh on the skin and leaves it feeling really fresh, clean and balanced. The set of course works wonderfully together, but I have introduced a few other products too and my skin is looking a lot brighter; if the odd spot or two does appear, it doesn't stick around for too long and the scarring is seriously reduced too. These three definitely have a firm spot on my skincare routine from now on.

Have you tried anything from La Roche Posay?

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