Wednesday, 19 November 2014

H&M Home Haul.

H&M Home is just one of those stores I can't resist; I probably check it for new stock every few days, and I'm willing to overlook it's normally pretty awful delivery service in favour of it's beautiful, on trend homewares. I've had my eye on a few pieces for a while now and decided to treat myself to some items.

I love the designs of most of their bedding, but pretty much every time I go to buy, doubles are always sold out! So I settled on a couple of new cushion covers and a new throw for the sofa. I'm going a lot more monochrome for the house I'm (hopefully!) moving into shortly, and I decided on a simple throw with a couple of patterned cushions. I got the Textured Blanket (£24.99) which I actually had a discount code for, making it about £18 instead. I thought the Dotted Cushion Cover (£6.99) was a little pricey, but it is a nice big one, and it matches the Striped Cushion Cover (£3.99) pretty well.

I've spoken of my love for all things copper quite a bit recently, so I finally picked up a couple little things for around the home. Of course, it had to tie in with my love of candles so I bought the Metal Candle Holder (£2.99) and the Metal Tealight Holder (£1.50) which are both cosying up my house like nobodies business in the evenings. I went for the whole hog too and got a couple of the little pillar candles. I spotted a couple of the Mini Vases (£1.50) which are cute for dotting a couple of flowers around the house too, they'd be perfect for little spray carnations.

What do you think of my buys? Have you bought anything from H&M Home recently?



  1. Beautiful! I really love the hints of gold to your home, just so lovely. :) x

  2. Mademoiselle Lala10:17

    Beautiful, this first photo is amazing, it deserves to be on Pinterest! :)

  3. Lauren11:41

    Ah i love these photographs - your home looks so beautiful. Have missed your posts Catherine! xx

  4. Gorgeous picks! Love the framed quote especially- perfect! xo

  5. Oh those candle holders - I NEED THEM IN MY LIFE! :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  6. Kathryn20:03

    I love their brassy items! I might be some to put my brushes in!

    Kathryn / Cherries in the Snow

  7. I love all of the copper accent pieces!

  8. Add H&M home to the ever so long list of things you Brits get that I wish we had over here! Sigh. Those little mini vases are beautiful, especially with the flowers you put in them. (What are those flowers by the way? I love them them!) XO Camey

  9. Oh so pretty! Those copper candle holders look so chic! H&M are really on point for homeware, shame about delivery! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

  10. Rachel Marie18:00

    so many lovely finds! Love the rose gold holder thing! x

  11. I'm so obsessed with homeware too - especially H&M home. I NEED those gold pillar candles they are incredible!

    Drea xo
    Drea's Junkyard

  12. i wish we had h&m home in australia, we've only just got regular h&m stores that opened this year but hopefully they have plans for h&m home stores to open as well. most of our high street brands don't really branch out into homewares so there aren't too many places to go for cute & affordable basics. these are super cute though and they just add a nice little touch to your living room.

    little henry lee


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