Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Autumn Home Updates.

I'm usually always a homebody, but that is even more so in the colder Autumn and Winter months; this results in mass cleaning sessions, and being on a mission to keep my home looking as comfortable and cosy as possible. I feel like I'm always making little changes and I've added a few new pieces to my home recently which I'm really loving.

First up, is of course the bedding, oh the bedding.. It is the softest, snuggliest thing ever, as if it wasn't hard enough to tear yourself out of bed at 7am when it's still dark outside. Both the bedding set and the blanket are from Sainsburys, and I think were around £20 and £30 each, so not too shabby! The blanket is a little molty though, I keep having to pick bits out of Kane's beard every morning. I've also gone a little candle crazy, although I know I'm definitely not alone in this.. Although it has been about 4 new candles in the matter of two weeks. I was treated to a mini Diptyque Figuier for my birthday along with a little faux cactus from John Lewis - am I the only one who cannot keep plants alive in my bathroom?!

Have you made any Autumn updates to your home?

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