Thursday, 9 October 2014

Lush Christmas '14.

As soon as the Lush Christmas range hit online, I knew I had to be making an order. It was a sad, sad day for me that the Lush in my town closed down, but it did cut off my bath bomb addiction slightly, and now I usually stick to making a little splurge for the seasonal ranges. Christmas especially just isn't the same without a selection of bath bits from Lush, so I bought a few items.

Bubble bars are my favourites from Lush; you can use as little or as much as you'd like, but I find a standard size one such as The Comforter will last me about 4 baths so they're much better value than the ballistics too. I don't ever crumble them, I just hold them under the running water; it's much more effort, but makes so many more bubbles with smaller pieces. The one I knew I immediately had to get was Holly Golightly which is a gorgeous patchouli scent with a bit of citrus in there too. I absolutely love how glittery it is too, I know this will look great in the bath. I also got the Christmas Eve bar which I regretted not getting last year; it has jasmine and ylang ylang in so has a really nice floral scent.

The really spectacular bath bombs are always the Christmas ones, so I picked up a few of these too. I saw Cinders around a lot last year so decided I needed one; it's a lovely cinnamon scent with almond oil, and even has vegan popping candy inside. I also went with a couple of new ones, Dashing Santa which has a great citrus scent and releases lots of oils so adds some hydration to your bath. Lastly, I got Butterbear which doesn't look like the most exciting of ballistics, but has a lovely, soft vanilla scent and like the Butterball ballistic leaves your skin feeling silky soft. 

Have you picked anything up from the Lush Christmas range?

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