Monday, 29 September 2014

Working From Home Desk Essentials.

Working from home is actually harder than it seems; you alone are responsible for getting every little aspect of your job done, and procrastination is so easy to get sucked into. Figuring out a good working schedule,setting in place a routine and having an inspiring work space are essential things for me to make sure I get the most out of my working days. Here's some of my desk essentials:

- a sugar free hazelnut almond milk latte to start my day.
- pretty notepads to keep on top of my to-do list.
- lip balms.
- glasses.
- my nexus 7 ( we all need a little break to play 'tapped out' every once in a while )
- hand cream
- a candle.
- a refreshing toning spritz.

What are your desk essentials?



  1. My desk essentials are definitely coffee and nail polish as on breaks I love to paint my nails.

  2. A glass of water and notebooks/ pens! xx

    Ioanna |

  3. Abbie Tanner09:15

    Note pads for my endless to do lists are def an essential for me to!! xx

  4. A second computer screen; I have so many tabs open I'd never fit it all into one! Your latte sounds incredible, I've been looking for some good sugar-free syrups, which one do you use?

  5. Hazelnut almond milk latte all day every day!! :)

    Elizabeth Valentina


  6. Kelly12:36

    Great post thanks for sharing xx

  7. Becky M15:06

    I agree with the notebook and the candle!! I use those in my workspace too!!

  8. Great essentials. Water and cute notepads/sticky notes are mine :)

    Sophie x

  9. Love your essentials list, notebooks would have to be top of mine too!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  10. I live for tea at when I'm at my desk, but I also can't help buying tons of pretty notebooks!


    Eden from edenroses xx

  11. Rachel Marie21:45

    your desk looks so perfect! x


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