Saturday, 6 September 2014

September Bucket List.

Autumn is coming and I'm actually getting pretty excited about the colder months coming. August was a bit of a slow month for me so I'm hoping to be a bit more active this month in work, blogging and a few home things too. Here's the goals I'd like to achieve this month..

Bake Off - I've got into the Great British Bake Off, and it's got me wanting to bake more for myself. I've never been a baker, cake pops and cornflake cakes are the only things in my baking repertoire so improvement is definitely necessary. I need to get into more vegan baking which hopefully I'll be featuring on here if they're good enough!

Girl On Film - I go through stages on Youtube of making quite a few videos, and then nothing for weeks.. I'm currently on about 3 weeks since I've last uploaded, which isn't great. I do actually really enjoy making Youtube videos, they are just so time consuming! Once you've gotten ready, set up, filmed and then have to edit, upload and write a post for it, a good few hours can pass, and I could probably have done about 3 blog posts in that time. I still keep seeing my subscribers go up though which is really encouraging, so I'll definitely be filming more as soon as my workload loosens a bit.

Soups and Salads - August was a really unhealthy month for me, and now I have a scale so I can see that a few pounds have got on, which I'd like to lose. My clothes are feeling a little bit tighter which isn't comfortable, and I really just need to get back into the habit of making more homemade food instead of just sticking things in the oven or visiting the chippy.

Get Saving - I mentioned the other day that I'm moving house again, so I did a little add up of how much everything I'd like for the new place is going to cost. Lets just say it wasn't pretty, so I'm having a clearout, listing every bit of stock I can find in my ebay store, and I might have a blog sale soon too as I really need to raise some funds!

What are your goals for September?



  1. Get Saving! Totally on board! :-) I hope you have a lovely September Cath! <3


  2. I'm looking forward to Autumn, too! It's my favourite month :) I just love being cosy, and it means Christmas isn't too far away - also a favourite of mine!
    I want to do more baking too, having recently got hold of a couple of new healthy recipe books. I know you're pretty active on Pinterest - there's loads of lovely looking vegan recipes on there :)
    My goals for September are to save more also, and also to work harder at the job hunt and smash some goals in the gym! xx

  3. Sophie Blumenthal11:18

    I need to ebay lots of my stuff this month too! Great goals :)

    Sophie x

  4. I'm looking to eBay more too as I seem to have spent all my money over the summer!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  5. Sirens and Bells19:05

    I'd also like to lose some weight this month, it's been a bad month for me weight wise!

    Katy | |

  6. those last two are always goals that pop up for me, but as i'm still on holiday they'll have to wait til i get home, but i'm definitely ready to make them happen come november! and youtube must be so time consuming, i find it hard enough to edit photos and then upload them and write a post, and reply to comments and check out my friend's blogs, etc, without something like youtube on top of that! i don't know how people fit it in.

    little henry lee

  7. Sounds terrific! good luck.


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