Tuesday, 16 September 2014

NARS Audacious Rita Lipstick.

Myself and NARS are having a little bit of a love affair at the moment, so I jumped at the chance to try out one of their new Audacious lipsticks. There's 30 different shades, all in the classic black NARS packaging, and claim to provide full lip coverage with just one swipe and give comfortable, long lasting wear all day.

I chose the shade 'Rita'* which is an absolutely beautiful deep red, perfect for the cooler months. There's a fantastic shade range, and I think I'll have to get my very own 'Catherine' lipstick next. The pigmentation is true to it's word, just one swipe across each lip and I'm done; I do like to use a lip liner underneath but only really because it's such a deep colour, it'd be a fuss to tidy up if I made any little mishaps. The colour lasts all day too, it fades slightly after drinking or eating but does so really evenly rather than just from the middle like you'd expect from drugstore lipsticks.

The formula is really lovely, so comfortable to wear and I've actually forgotten I've been wearing anything when wearing. As you'd expect, they're not the cheapest of lipsticks in the world (£24), but for a failsafe option which is long-lasting, comfortable and so easy to wear, this is where you need to be looking.

Have you tried any NARS lipsticks?



  1. This colour looks amazing on you, the wear time sounds really impressive along with the formula! xxx

    Verity | Life of Verity

  2. This colour looks gorgeous on you against your dark hair. I really want to start rocking the red lip! x

  3. Great shade.

  4. I haven't seen this particular one being mentioned too much but look how beautiful it is! Almost like a mix of brick and berry red! Love it on you Cath!


  5. Tamira Alison12:26

    Cath this looks STUNNING on you - like a vintage Mia from Pulp Fiction!! If I wasn't convinced I needed these babies already... CONSIDER A SPACE NK ORDER PLACED. T xx

  6. That looks so lovely! I agree it's definitely a red that's perfect for the cooler months. And the formula sounds really great too - the reviews for it have all been amazing so far!
    I've been putting off this order because it is so pricey but I swatched a few shades in stores over the weekend and did the whole "should I, shouldn't I" thing before putting it down. But it will be mine! I'm thinking of picking up Annabella but honestly I have several shades on my wishlist!

    beauty, style, life || bespectacled

  7. Gorgeous! The packaging and shade range look ah-mazing, definitely looks like a stellar lip product. You're so lucky that there's a shade with your name! Sadly no 'Tasha', I don't doubt it though because they never make things in my name!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  8. What a gorgeous Fall red! So pretty on you. I'm a huge fan of NARS lipsticks, but haven't tried any of their new offerings yet- must give them a peek :)

  9. jasmine turner19:58

    So pretty! I have a few nars lipsticks on my wishlist!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  10. Gorgeous, that red is so classic and perfect. Nars is by far one of my favorite companies for lipsticks!

  11. Looks like a beautiful classic red lipstick, never tried NARS lipsticks before but they sound fantastic and long lasting.

    Melissa x

  12. This is gorgeous on you it really is! I missed the launch of these by a few days in my local Selfridges but next time I go I'm definitely going to have a look.
    Amy x

  13. Wow, such a gorgeous shade! Looks amazing on you <3 xxx

  14. Stunning shade. They have a "Vanessa" shade but it's limited to Barney's dammit! xx

  15. Becki23:54

    What lip liner do you use with this? I need a liner (preferably mac) because it bleeds into my lip ring :-(


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