Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Highlight & Contour.

There was a time when highlighters and contours were absolutely no part of my make-up routine. I just thought they were too fussy, timewasting and what difference would they really make anyway? But having quite a round face and being referred to as "chubby cheeks" by family members for most of my life, highlights and contours make all the difference for me. And especially having oily skin that I have to use a powder on, it's nice injecting a bit of a glow back into my skin, as well as trying to thin things down with a contour too.

My absolute favourite highlight is the No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter Stick, I've used this so often since buying it a few months ago. It's a cream highlight that's so easy to pop on wherever the light would hit, and you can blend with your fingers or a brush in a matter of seconds. I pop this underneath my powder and it leaves a gorgeous glow all day. If I forget to use this before my powder which happens more than I'd care to admit, I have the Sleek Contour Kit on hand which I use the highlight from in exactly the same place. Being powder I don't find this happens quite as long, but it's great coming in a handy little compact with a contour shade too. I have this in 'light' which is perfect for my pale skin tone, the contour isn't at all orange or muddy looking, and it blends pretty well considering the price too.

Urban Decay's Naked Flushed Palette is similar, although I do find this getting neglected once my extremely light summer tan has faded. The highlight is a really pretty champagne shade but is probably a tad too dark to look natural on me, but the bronzer is spot on, I just prefer to use a contour once September is here. Bourjois Java Rice Powder is one of my favourites for adding an all over glow to the skin whilst keeping all your make-up in tact; I'd much rather have dewy looking skin than matte, so this is great for adding a bit of light back in. If you're not really a heavy contour fan, light, natural looking blushers are fantastic for sculpting your face whilst adding a bit of colour. On my pale skin I can use a pretty pink blush with a slight brown undertone (No7 Honey pictured) to add a bit of definition around my cheeks, but it looks really natural if you're a bit wary of deepers contour shades.

What are your favourite highlight and contour products?

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