Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A New Home : Living Room Wishlist

So, I'm moving.. Again! I wasn't especially planning on it, but we're moving into a fancy new three bedroom home, it even has a conservatory ( which is fancy for me, in Bolton at least. ) Having lived in various homes I already have most of the furniture I love, but I'd like to add a few new pieces into the mix. I've got a lot of 1950s mid century pieces that I'd like to mix in with a bit of a scandinavian style - I'm thinking lots of white, lots of teak, and a few geometric patterns with monochrome. And of course, plants on every surface.

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The main thing I'm really dreaming of for the new house is new sofas. The ones we've got at the moment aren't bad, but the springs are half broken so you really sink in, and the cats have absolutely plucked it to death, made worse by how open weave the material is. I've loved Made.com for so long, I always go on and just swoon over how beautiful everything is. There's a few sofas I really love from them, but my absolute favourite is the Ritchie. I think there's enough space for a 3 and 2 seater in the new place, but I'd probably just get two seaters, although I might have to go for a cheaper model in the end. I'm going to have a big clearout anyway and hopefully raise some funds for them, but we'll see!

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