Monday, 8 September 2014

A New Home : Dining Room Wishlist.

There's nothing I love more than making a good ol' wishlist, so I thought I'd make my 'new home' into a little mini series. It's actually quite helpful as it maps out everything I still need to buy, and I can see what's important and what can hold off a little. A new dining table is my first priority, which means I'll be selling the little 1960s yellow formica table and chairs that have served me well for a couple of years now. I'm 99% sure I'll be picking up the IKEA number you can see in the images, unless I happen to find a secondhand one. It's just more sturdy and spacious, meaning it'll actually get used more!

To break up all the white I really want to find some 1950s darker wood and black dining chairs; these ones, also from IKEA, are pretty darn similar to what I'd like, but I know I can find some cheaper going around the furniture and secondhand stores. I'm also popping some shelves up like seen in the pictures above as the space for my dining table is on a corner, so I think these would look really great with my framed lolita poster and a 1950s print hung on either side.

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It's still quite a lot of black and white, but I'm hoping to add some pops of colour through some flowers, as well as a lot of greenery again. I think there'll be room for a little plant stand I've got that I have an ivy plant on which I love as it drapes down. I'm really into geometric designs as well, and of course I'd love some HAY trays but my bank balance just couldn't cope with them, so I love this little wooden one I found on Ebay. You could even get a little crafty with some spray paint.

To try and save some money I've been told about a great new startup called Scoperks which is a comparison site that also works by giving cashback to you for purchasing selected items. It's a great way to search for items you'd like and see if you can get a the best value possible whilst also getting something back! It's not fully launched yet but you can sign up to hear about all the latest news. They're working with some great brands too; Marks & Spencer, Urban Outfitters, Very, and lots more, so we can all reduce that little guilt we get after a big homeware splurge!

What do you think of my wishlist?

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