Friday, 22 August 2014

Lesson Learnt : Things I've Learnt About Being Self Employed.

After a lovely response to my last lesson learnt post I thought I'd try to turn it into a mini series. There really isn't all that much I know too much about, so it has to be mini, but having run a vintage clothing and homewares business for over four years now, I thought I'd talk about what I've learnt about being self employed.

- getting to work in your pyjamas is ace.
- bank holidays mean nothing.
- don't blow your money if you're having a good patch, things could turn pretty quickly.
- it's long hours, and you never really 'stop working'.
- book keeping is awful.
- it's sometimes lonely. cats help.
- to be successful you have to identify waste. of time, money, resources, everything.
- you can be 100% in charge of your own schedule.
- your work can take over your home. try to keep it separate in an office or designated area.
- remember to take time off.
- it's more work than it seems, especially to other people.
- procrastination is a killer.
- social media is the best free promotion.
- there's a lot of competition out there.
- keep every single receipt.
- always be professional online - you alone are the face of your business.

Are any of you self employed? What lessons have you learnt about your area of work?



  1. He he! Loved it Cath! It makes sense! :-)

  2. All very good points... I'll keep that in mind if I ever become self-employed. ^^

  3. Both my parents are self employed. I avoid them at all costs the week their books are due hahaha.


    Water Painted Dreams xo

  4. Sophie Blumenthal16:59

    I would love to work for myself in the future, so i'll keep this in mind!

    Sophie x


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