Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Lesson Learnt : Things I've learnt about make-up.

So, I know there's been quite a few of these floating around recently, but I thought I'd add my two cents.. Because they're fun, right? Lets all join in and laugh about all the awful beauty mistakes like wearing liquid eyeliner all over the lid like a panda at the age of fourteen. No, only me?

- blush isn't best worn on your temples, on the apples of your cheeks lifts your complexion.
- you can't pull off eyeliner in the waterline, it makes your eyes look tiny, plus, eye gunk.
- wash your brushes, they give you spots.
- go gentle with the contour, drag queen aint a good look.
- you really don't suit baby pink lipstick.
- wear a primer!
- don't assume the lightest shade of foundation will work for you, some are too orange.
- go easy with the eyebrow powder.
- the same with normal powder, unless you want a big ol' slice o' cake on your face.
- you don't really need to own more than 10 red lipsticks.
- not all high end is better than drugstore.
- always use a highlight.
- find products that really work and stick.with.them.
- you don't really suit matte eyeshadows.
- always have a lip balm on hand.
- don't follow the hype!

What have you learnt about make-up over the years?



  1. Such a great post, and I agree with so many of the points that you raised in it!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  2. Sophie Blumenthal10:05

    Totally agree with most of this, especially liner in your waterline and the dreader inner corner build up of gunk, ew.

    Sophie x

  3. Manouk10:29

    But I dooooooo need more than 10 red lipsticks haha! I've learned that when buying foundation; ask for advice. It doesn't matter that you might pay more for a foundation at a counter but at least you' ve got the right color/finish for you skintone!

    WOMANOUK (beauty and portrait

  4. jasmine turner12:08

    Lovely post! 'Eye gunk' ewww! I love the look of liner in waterline, but how do these people pull it off without 'eye gunk' ?!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  5. kat clark14:52

    Love this! I have a similar post currently waiting in my drafts :) Couldn't agree more with the primer x

  6. I don't know how people manage to pull it off and make it last, it disappears within about 5 minutes with me and just collects in the corner of my eye :/

  7. Haha, well, I was more telling myself I don't need ten red lipsticks, although I definitely tell myself I do more often than not ;)

    Foundation is definitely one of those things you have to get right, and most of the time that involves paying a little bit more.

  8. I have no idea! I need to know their secrets.

  9. Thank you :) I never wore primer until a MAC make-up artist really told me off, having oily & blemish prone skin. I've never looked back since!

  10. Mademoiselle Lala18:13

    I wish I knew before that pearly blue eyeshadow doesn't suit my blue eyes ;) - I was all about matching colours :D
    Totally agree that more expensive isn't always better!


  11. Jade20:45

    great post, I still don't wear primers because i just don't even know where to start with them, I'm so aware of not using silicones and all that kind of stuff!

    Jade x
    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  12. I still hate primers and foundations though ahah! x

  13. haha i always have to remind myself of some of these when i get all excited for releases at the drug store (it's not all that cheap when it adds up at the register, and especially if they don't work for me...)

    Natalie / Salt & Sail

  14. I've learnt to take the help of shop assistants, especially at MAC. I almost went home with studio fix concealer, and if I hadn't have talked to the girl about what I was looking for and she hadn't offered to try it on me, I would have paid a lot for a product I ended up hating the look of.


  15. I can so relate to some of these. For me, it'd be "you don't need to own 10 pink lipsticks" but I love them all ugh

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  16. Haha, we just can't resist can we!

  17. Yeah, I always feel so overwhelmed at beauty counters but the assistants all know what they're talking about so you definitely need to ask for help!

  18. Haha yep, I think we're all guilty of going overboard in the drugstores when products are only costing a few pounds each, but it all adds up very quickly!

  19. Haha oh dear, well it's definitely all personal, foundation and primer are an absolute must for me.

  20. I'm not entirely sure if the Clarins primer has sillicone in, it certainly doesn't feel as silicone-y as say the Benefit Porefessional. I have blemish prone skin anyway and it's never broken me out :)

    It definitely depends on your skintype though, I have oily skin so a primer is a must for me, but more dry types probably won't need one as much. xo

  21. Hehe, oh deary! My first ever MAC purchase was a bright pink eyeshadow that I wore with black eyeliner when I was fourteen, also not a great look!

  22. Yes to the foundation one! I've made the mistake of buying too-dark foundations waay too often! xx

  23. I was nodding along in agreement whilst reading that list, cracked up at 'eye gunk' - so true!!

    CassandraMyee | NZ Beauty Blog

  24. Ahh yes these are all so correct haha and I'm learning new things every day! :)
    Wash your brushes, you don't need 10 red lipsticks, this made me laugh!



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