Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Lesson Learnt : Things I've learnt about make-up.

So, I know there's been quite a few of these floating around recently, but I thought I'd add my two cents.. Because they're fun, right? Lets all join in and laugh about all the awful beauty mistakes like wearing liquid eyeliner all over the lid like a panda at the age of fourteen. No, only me?

- blush isn't best worn on your temples, on the apples of your cheeks lifts your complexion.
- you can't pull off eyeliner in the waterline, it makes your eyes look tiny, plus, eye gunk.
- wash your brushes, they give you spots.
- go gentle with the contour, drag queen aint a good look.
- you really don't suit baby pink lipstick.
- wear a primer!
- don't assume the lightest shade of foundation will work for you, some are too orange.
- go easy with the eyebrow powder.
- the same with normal powder, unless you want a big ol' slice o' cake on your face.
- you don't really need to own more than 10 red lipsticks.
- not all high end is better than drugstore.
- always use a highlight.
- find products that really work and stick.with.them.
- you don't really suit matte eyeshadows.
- always have a lip balm on hand.
- don't follow the hype!

What have you learnt about make-up over the years?

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