Sunday, 3 August 2014

Five Favourites.

It's been a bit a while since I've done a sunday post of my favourites, but I like to pull it out of the bag every once in a while. It means I'm not just talking beauty and I take the time to appreciate the things around my home as well. I feel like I'm really in a blogging swing at the moment and I think it's down to my new workspace. It aint really that new any more, but it means instead of going downstairs every morning and sticking the tv on, I'm straight to work or blogging. After making a latte, of course. I've even filmed some more Youtube videos, and two have gone up over the past few days that you can see here.

And it's made a lot easier when I have a whole bunch of new products to be talking about. This last week has seen quite a few new products become mine, which I'm really excited to try and get reviewing. I was also given a little 1950s watch from my Mum which I really love, it's such a pretty shade of gold and so dainty and delicate.

I've been making more of an effort to read and comment on blogs this week, so I thought I'd share a few favourite posts as well. This one was from last week, but I thought Sam's Festival Essentials with her little illustration was absolutely beautiful, and so talented! I had such a giggle reading Rebecca's Gym Observations, and loved seeing around Kate's new bedroom in her Bedroom Details post - you can't get much better than a pineapple lamp. And of course, an ode to pizza from the Chapter Friday ladies.

What are your favourites from this week?

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