Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Nude Glitter

I've mostly been wearing brights on my nails, being summer and all, but the other day I revisited one of my old favourites; nude with glitter tips. I think it's such an elegant, easy look, and it really goes with everything. I used the Rimmel 60 seconds polish in 'Lets Get Nude', which is one of my favourite nude polishes. I really like how quickly it dries, but I do need 3 coats to get a fully opaque colour.

I have a ton of glitter top coats so I usually just end up reaching for whatever catches my eye. I went for the Avon Colortrend Dazzler polish, which is a pretty gold with different sized particles of glitter. I do the glitter fade by applying a thick layer to the very tip of my nail, clear the excess off the brush and slide the polish down the nail which leaves a pretty fade effect.

Are you a fan of glitter fade nails?

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  1. They look so pretty together!

    Cloudy Coconut

  2. Gorgeous nails, the two polishes go so well together! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  3. Thanks so much, I love it too :)

  4. Thanks Maddy, I think so too :)

  5. Yes, I really like it! Perfect for us lazy ones who can't be fussed waiting ages for polish to dry :)


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