Monday, 7 July 2014

British Summer Appropriate

The past week parts of the country have recorded temperatures the highest so far this year.. just parts of the country, though. I live in the North West, which has been extremely dull, cold and raining most of the week too. As much as I love England, the major downside is the weather; it's incredibly unpredictable, meaning you can't rely on usual summer attire, including footwear.

I picked up a couple new bits from Betty London, which are one of my favourite brands for shoes. First I got a perfect pair of summer sandals, the 'Carolet' style in black. These are seriously comfortable and easy to just clip on with everything. They're quite similar to the 'slider' style of sandal that are everywhere at the moment, but with a little support around the heel making them a little easier to walk in. I've really wanted a pair of suede boots for ages, so got the Bertope boots which I really liked the look of, although I did have to get them in a whole size larger as my size had sold out at the time and I'm impatient! I think they'll be okay if I wear them with a thick pair of socks though, apart from the whole clown feet thing. I haven't actually worn these yet, but they're on hand for the rainy days.

Have you been buying any new shoes for summer?

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