Thursday, 31 July 2014

Best Of The Creams.

Part of my summer tips post was to avoid anything cream, but there's something that draws me back time after time. Sure, my NARS numbers get used the most, but there's something so natural and dewy about using a cream blush or highlight. Of course, on the unbearably warm days I stay well away, but on the dull, cooler days, there's nothing like it to brighten a complexion. Here's some of my favourites.

I have to start with Bourjois, and their Little Round Pot Cream Blush. I've owned 02 Healthy Glow since it came out around a year ago, and got 01 Nude Velvet recently. Both are beautiful, natural shades that blend into the skin so easily and give a really pretty sheen of colour to the cheeks. If I'm stuck for a blush, one of these will be what I'll pick as they're just so wearable and will pretty much go with anything. They're a bargain too, someone hand me the rest of the colours!

Another favourite is the No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter - this is currently my highlight of choice, and buffed into the skin around the cheekbones, nose, cupids bow and brow bone, my face has an effortless glow which is so longlasting after a bit of powder is popped on the top. I also have the Pop & Glow in Mango which admittedly has got a little less wear, but is equally lovely. It's nicely pigmented so just a tiny amount popped on the fingers and blended in is perfect. It's a perfect peachy shade that's so flattering with a tan, I really need to wear it more before I'm back to being deathly pale again.

Next up, I have a couple of really bright shades that are perfect for dull complexion days. My first experience with theBalm has been a seriously positive one, having got their 'Pie' Cheek and Lip Cream. This is such a gorgeously bright shade and blends in really well so it doesn't look too over the top on me. I'm so tempted to get their full cheek and lip cream palette, all the other shades look lovely too. And last but not least, is Topshop Flush. I've had this for quite a while and it's barely even got a dent in it because it is so pigmented, it's a little crazy. It means you can go a little over board so take caution, but it feels lightweight with a lovely formula. I wear this a lot during winter for a classic english rose flush.

Have you tried any of these? What are your favourite cream products?

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