Sunday, 1 June 2014

What's in my Travel Make-up Bag

This weekend I headed off to Halifax to stay with my brother and spend the day exploring Hebden Bridge with him, so I figured now was the perfect time to do talk about my travel make-up bag. I only went for the one day, so obviously I didn't need to take too much, but there's still a few products I wanted to talk through which are perfect for travelling.

I packed this with the idea in mind it'd be a nice, sunny day and I wouldn't want too much make-up on (although writing this on Thursday, it could have been an awful, rainy weekend!). I did slip a foundation in my bag just in-case, but when the weather is really nice I just like popping on a bit on concealer on blemishes, redness and under the eyes, which the Seventeen Phwoarr Paint is a really good all-rounder for. It's got really good coverage so is fine for me to wear with a bit of powder on top, my favourite being Bourjois Java Rice Powder. This has a shimmer in it, but nothing too over the top, and gives my skin a really pretty, natural looking glow. Clarins Instant Perfecting Primer is used first though, which smooths over any imperfections and helps all my make-up stick around much longer.

I've taken the Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette with me as it's perfect for travelling, being a palette that'll fit in the palm of your hand with a great bronzer, blush and highlight inside. I apply all three with the Real Techniques Blush brush, just making sure I don't put too much colour on the brush so it doesn't all mix together. I obviously have to bring along my favourites for the eyes from Soap and Glory, their Supercat eyeliner and Archery Brow Pencil, and a mini size of Benefit They're Real which I can use on bottom and lower lashes.

After a quick slide on of lipstick, I'm good to go! I chose to take a red I haven't used enough, but looks really gorgeous, from Topshop, the Screen Siren shade. Everything fits really easily into my Lulu Guinness Bits & Bobs make-up bag* from Harvey Nichols.

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  1. Rachael Stewart09:05

    I got the Soap & Glory Supercat eye liner the other day, and I can't get over how amazing it is! It's so easy to use and seriously doesn't budge all day.. my new favourite! x

  2. I am excited about the new UD cheek palettes and have been eyeing Streak! I love how cute is your makeup bag! :-)

    The Best Neutral Palette Ever! Edward Bess Cosmic Bliss Review| TheConscienceFund

  3. Manouk11:18

    I hope you have a great weekend. I want to try the UD Flushed Palette so bad but it's hard to get over here. x

    WOMANOUK (beauty and portrait

  4. ugh I love Hebden Bridge haven't been through there in ages :) Screen siren looks so pretty I'm going to have to hunt it down next time I'm in Topshop, I take my Naked Flushed Palette when I'm travelling too and my mini they're real xx


  5. Celina18:46

    There are so many lovely products in your travel makeup bag! I've added quite a few of these products to my wishlist! xx

    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  6. I love your Bits & Bobs bag! Lots of great products in here- I have the Naked palette too, but it's just collecting dust, I need to whip it out~

    Blushing Biddies

  7. I really want a naked palette! xx
    Eilidh |

  8. Thankyou :) I love it, it's perfect for summer!

  9. Thanks Celina! Apologies to your bank balance in advance ;)

  10. It was the first time I'd been, it's lovely! It's a really pretty red, definitely worth checking out :) xo

  11. Thankyou, I did have a lovely time :)

  12. Aaaah yes they look lovely! Thankyou :)

  13. I think I recommended it to you on twitter?! It is seriously good, been using it for two years now, it works so well :)

  14. Rachael Stewart20:14

    Yep you did indeed, and I went out and bought it based on your recommendation! :) I also got the Smoulder Kohl pencil as it was buy one get one half price.. I do like it but Supercat is better! x


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