Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Lets Talk About Feet!

God, I hate feet. I hate my feet especially; they're a weird shape, far too wide, and practically every single pair of footwear I've ever worn (including flip flops) rub me, causing blisters and cuts. Summer means I have to take some extra care with my feet, and they're usually not too much of a pretty sight after being stuck in tights and thick socks all winter. I've got a few products that have helped get them in tip-top condition and sandal ready.

Pulp Friction by Soap & Glory is one of my favourite scrubs; it's quite gentle, and foams up nicely meaning it gives a really good clean too, but it does the job well of clearing away any flakey, dry areas. It has a really lovely fruity, fresh scent too, which is lovely on the warmer days. I make sure I moisturize my feet well too, and like to smother them in The Body Shop Shea Butter once every week or so, pop them in some socks and leave it all to sink in overnight. I get dry skin really easily on my feet, so this is really important to me, as well as using a foot file regularly to get rid of the most I can.

Another thing from feet are just fantastic at are overheating, and I get heatrash really easily during summer, so I need to be able to cool them down on warmer days. I have a little spray from Avon, the Foot Works Sugar and Lime Mojito Refreshing Spray which feels so cooling and lovely, and has a gorgeous fresh scent too so makes your tootsies smell gorgeous! I also sometimes carry around Lush' Silky Underwear if I know I'll be having a long day with lots of walking, which is like a cuter alternative to talcum powder - it soaks up any perspiration and has a lovely scent, with cocoa butter in too so helps to add a bit of moisture too.

I know they're not the nicest of subjects, but we all have them and especially for myself, looking after my feet is really important in summer. Do you have any foot-friendly products you swear by?

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